End of Year Raffle!


Today Bitcoinmix is announcing our End of Year Raffle Promotion!

As some of you know, Bitcoinmix is the mixer with a built-in raffle feature. Everyone who mixes is automatically entered, and normally every 100th mix wins an additional 10% bonus. Now for the next 30 days, were giving you even more chances to win!

Here are our new raffle terms:

Day 1-3: Every 10th mix wins a 25% bonus prize

Day 4-7: Every 25th mix wins a 20% bonus prize

Day 8-14: Every 50th mix wins a 15% bonus prize

Day 15-30: Every 75th mix wins a 10% bonus prize

Thanks for making us your mixer. Were happy to be the reliable mixer providing you with clean coins and great prizes.