Why is it important to mix?


While Bitcoin is often mistakenly seen by the mainstream as an anonymous currency. It's not. Every transaction you make, and the amount in each of your wallets, is public information. Most people buy their Bitcoin on exchanges these days, and exchanges follow ever more strict KYC protocols. Your Bitcoin is associated with your name from the moment you purchase it, and can be traced by blockchain analysis through every subsequent transaction. If you wouldn't want the world to see your bank statements and entire financial history, you should be concerned about the privacy of your Bitcoin.

That's where bitcoinmix comes in. We take your coins and mix them with those of other users before sending you back completely different Bitcoin. This breaks the chain of your transactions and makes it impossible to tell which coins belong to you. These are the most important reasons to use a bitcoin mixer.

1. Stay Anonymous

With blockchain analysis getting more sophisticated, and simply using bitcoin is no longer enough to truly protect your identity. Using a mixer frequently makes sure that your Bitcoin can't be associated with your real life identity. For security reasons and as a matter of principle, it should not be easy to access your personal financial information.

2. Privacy

If someone pays you in Bitcoin, they can use your public address to see how much is in the wallet that they paid into. Are you comfortable with that? Stay secure by mixing your bitcoin before moving it into cold storage.

3. Hackers

Many people lose their Bitcoin to advanced scams. Hackers can use your wallet information to gain access to your funds if you don't practice security protocols such as mixing your coins.When you use a Bitcoin mixer, you can send the mixed Bitcoin to a new wallet, which will make hacking your assets a lot harder.

At bitcoinmix, we're here to help you protect the security of your Bitcoin. Keep your transactions to be secure and anonymous by using a mixing service regularly and check this blog for more tips for online privacy for your crypto funds.